Columbarium Welcome Stainglass

What is a Columbarium?

A structure containing individual compartments or niches for placement of human cremated remains.

What is a Niche?

An Individual compartment in the columbarium for interment of cremated human remains  (Cremains).

Urn in Niche

What is Interment or Entombment?

The opening and closing of a niche for placement of the urn with Cremains.

Why did Sacred Heart build a Columbarium?

  • To provide a spiritual place for remembrance of our loved ones!
  • To provide for simplicity in making funeral arrangements at the time of need
  • To provide for safety and security with 24-hour monitoring
  • To offer environmental advantage and better use of ground space
  • To offer potential financial savings for interment

Sacred Heart Church

The Church on Cremation

Is Cremation Permitted by the Church?

There was a time of prohibition in the Church due to the influence of pagan beliefs.  In 1964, changes were made to the Code of Canon Law and the Rite of Christian Burial allowing Catholics to be cremated after the Funeral.   In 1998, further changes allowed cremation before the Funeral under certain