JesusColumbarium Code of Conduct

  • Adhere to Church and Civil Laws
  • Respect for Faith and Customs of Families
  • Conduct Business in a Professional Manner
  • Professional Dress and Personal Grooming
  • Uphold Most Strict Confidence in all Matters
  • Provide Fair Access to Niches Available
  • Complete Disclosure of All Items in Purchase
  • Complete Care and Respect for Cremains
  • Maintain Security through Constant Vigilance
  • Faithfully Observe Sacred Heart Parish Operating Policies

Columbarium By-laws

Columbarium EntranceTo protect the respect and uniformity of the Columbarium. Includes General Information:
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Hours of Operation
  • Liabilities and Transfer of Interment Rights
  • Burial Information Requirements
  • Types of Containers Used
  • Memorialization
  • Articles Allowed in the Niches
  • Floral Tokens
  • Payment Requirements

Purchase Agreement

NichesFor mutual protection of the purchasers and the parish, we have a purchase agreement. Defines:
  • Name(s) of the Purchaser(s)
  • Identification of the Niche Space
  • Total Purchase Price Detailed
  • Terms and Conditions


Niches range from $3,200 (for a single unit) to $14,000 (for a family end unit which can contain up to four urns). Niches are also available in double or triple units.   Please visit or contact us to discuss all available options.